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The box of the Boy in the Box came from here.


The box of the Boy in the Box came from here.

The Boy in the Box is one of America's most famous unsolved crime mysteries. Just Google boy in the box with or without Philadelphia and you'll find a lot about it. And, there are several other entries on Cyber Plaque. The poor child's body was found in a cardboard carton for a bassinet that was sold at the J.C. Penney's that was here, between Dec. 1956 and Feb. 1957. See http://americasunknownchild.net/summary.htm. Reports say the box may have been at the discovery site before it was used to hide his body.


Location: Burlington Coat Factory , 100 S. 69th Street , Once was a Penney's, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, 19082, United States
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