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Motorcycle speed record set approx. here on an Ace, 1923.


Motorcycle speed record set approx. here on an Ace, 1923.

Red Wolverton set a motorcycle speed record of 129.6 mph on an Ace motorcycle by here on Nov. 23, 1923, riding north on the Roosevelt Boulevard (Rt. 1). The speed record is pretty well documented on the Web, and also a record was set with a sidecar at 106 mph, and it was the first time a motorcycle had ever gone more than two miles a minute (the 129.6 mph time). I learned of Ace motorcycles on a recent American Pickers TV show. It is also pretty well documented that the Roosevelt Boulevard was shut down by the police for this run to occur. But what part of it? It appears that the run ended at the old Nabisco factory site (Roosevelt Blvd. & Byberry Rd.), which I believe is being razed so that a Wawa store can take its place. I get this information on where the run occurred from a recorded interview documented at http://webspace.webring.com/people/fa/acexp4/Ace_Mech.pdf, on p. 29. It is not completely clear, because it talks about starting at the intersection with Broad Street, which is almost eleven miles south of Nabisco, and Rt. 1 has a big curve in it early on, but there is an online account that mentions a big curve. If you have better info, please comment below.


Location: Nabisco Factory Site Vicinity , 12000 Roosevelt Boulevard , Run up Roosevelt Blvd to Byberry Rd (starting near Broad St & the Blvd?), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19146, United States
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