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Sen. John McCain's first wife's car accident was here.


Sen. John McCain's first wife's car accident was here.

The terrible car crash of Carol Shepp McCain, first wife of Sen. John McCain, occurred in this vicinity on Christmas Eve, 1969. See an account at https://www.newspapers.com/image/199276691/?terms=%22carol+mccain%22+%22gulph+mills%22, which is the Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/15/08, at pp. A1, 4. Also, see https://www.revolvy.com/main/index.php?s=Hanging%20Rock%20(Upper%20Merion%20Township%2C%20Pennsylvania)&uid=1575 and http://www.dot7.state.pa.us/CRGIS_Attachments/SiteResource/H104523_01H.pdf.


Location: Hanging Rock , 950 S Gulph Rd , aka Overhanging Rock, Wayne, Pennsylvania, 19087, United States
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