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William Henry Hastie Jr. Lived Here


William Henry Hastie Jr. Lived Here

Willaim H. Hastie Jr. (11/17/04- 4/14/76) was the first African American governor of the Virgin Islands, federal district court judge and federal appellate judge, among many other accomplishments. He lived here, and was declared dead at Suburban General Hospital in East Norriton after suffering a heart attack playing golf at the Center Square Golf Club. See, for example, the Philadelphia Inquirer 4/15/76 at p. 20 and 4/16/76 at p. 19. His son had lived at 804 West Sedgwick Street in Philly (see Id. at 11/26/64 at p. 51), so I wonder if Mr. Hastie had once lived at that address.


Location Name: Empirian Luxury Towers
Neighborhood : East Falls
Nearest Intersection: Formerly Park Drive Manor
Location: 633 West Rittenhouse Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19144, United States
Listing Category: African American History, Government, Politics, History, Homes, Lives or Lived Here, Inspirational, Role Model
Virtual / Real: Virtual
Created Date: 07-22-2019

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