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Burial Ground Under Franklin Field at Penn


Burial Ground Under Franklin Field at Penn

Bodies of early Philadelphians, including many paupers and African Americans, lie under the Franklin Field stadium here, and indeed, underground throughout the University of Pennsylvania. It is believed that some of the Black bodies are those of former enslaved people. This is according to reports discussed at the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/16/21 at pp. A1, A11.


Location Name: Franklin Field
Neighborhood : University City
Location: 235 S. 33rd Street, Philadlephia, Pennsylvania, 19104, United States
Listing Category: African American History, Cemeteries, Graves, Burial Grounds, History, Human Interest, Repurposed Properties, Schools, Universities, Solemn Cyber Plaques, Stadiums, Underground Railroad (Slavery/Freedom)
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Created Date: 02-20-2021

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