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Bill Haley was music director at WPWA.


Bill Haley was music director at WPWA.

Rock & Roll legend Bill Haley was music director and disc jockey at WPWA when it was here, for several years starting in 1947. WPWA's program director, Bob Johnson, told him to use Comets as his band's name because of worldwide interest in Halley's Comet. See the Wikipedia page for WPWA, and, for ex., http://www.oldchesterpa.com/wdrf.htm and https://www.history-of-rock.com/haley.htm


Location Name: Brookhaven Shopping Center
Location: 3500 Edgemont Avenue, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, 19015, United States
Listing Category: Country Music, Bluegrass, Famous People, No Longer There, Pop Culture, Pop Music, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars
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Created Date: 03-26-2021

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