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Legendary Basketball Star Tom Gola Grew Up Here


Legendary Basketball Star Tom Gola Grew Up Here

Tom Gola (1/13/33-1/26/14), legendary star of the NBA's Philadlephia Warriors and later, coach of La Salle College's team, grew up here. According to the tribute in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer, starting on the front page, [t]he Golas erected a basket in the backyard of their home at 5110 N. Third St. When Hurricane Hazel felled that hoop in 1954, Mr. Gola's mother wept. 'That was the last link with Tommy's childhood, Helen Gola told Sports Illustrated.'


Location: Former Gola Residence , 5110 North 3rd Street , Near 51st St. and Sheldon St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19120, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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