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Tombstone Beach - in Bridesburg section of Philly


Tombstone Beach - in Bridesburg section of Philly

Tombstone Beach is featured in a film on Bridesburg, named after the neighborhood's former title, Point No Point. There is a good article on the Point No Point movie at http://www.starnewsphilly.com/2014/apr/15/point-no-point/#.U2kPmPldWTJ. Bridesburg was called Point No Point by sailors coming up the Delaware River because it looked like a point and when you got closer, it wasn't. According to the article, Tombstone Beach is where the Frankford Creek and the Delaware meet, beneath the Besty Ross Bridge, and there are tombstones everywhere. The tombstones came from a Victorian cemetery that was moved when Temple University expanded in the 1950s, and those not claimed by family were used as foundation material for the Betsy Ross Bridge and to fill in the nearby banks. The article goes on to say that with erosion more tombstones are surfacing. (The film is by Michael Lawrence. The address is approximate; it is on what appears to be Five Mile Point.)


Location: Tombstone Beach , 4301 N Delaware Ave , Betsy Ross Bridge and Delaware River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19137, United States
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