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Tallest Building in the Colonies, 1754-1810: Christ Church


Tallest Building in the Colonies, 1754-1810: Christ Church

Its 200-foot steeple, completed in 1754, made this the tallest building in the original 13 colonies for 56 years. It was used as a landmark by ships coming into the Port of Philadelphia. It was known throughout the world as the Philadelphia Steeple. Benjamin Franklin helped to raise funds for it by managing three lotteries. Two people buried in its graveyard, Ben Franklin and Charles Mason, have moon craters named after them. All of this information is from Anne M. McLaughlin, Director of Tourism of Christ Church, presented in the Philadelphia Business Journal, 6/6/14, at p. 17.


Location: Christ Church , 20 North American Street , or 22-26 North Second Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106, United States
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