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Sculptural Passageway of Rohm & Haas Headquarters


Sculptural Passageway of Rohm & Haas Headquarters

This 1964 office building was designed by Pietro Belluschi, in partnership with George M. Ewing. From its new beer garden, one can see Belluschi's flared, eggnog-colored columns and deeply incised ceiling. This information and quote are from Inga Saffron's column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/21/14, at p. H23. Ms. Saffron writes of the [r]emarkable torquing concrete columns and the faceted ceiling in the open-air passageway.


Location: Rohm & Haas Building , 100 South Independence Mall West , Independence Beer Garden, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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