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Shangri-La nightclub was here.


Shangri-La nightclub was here.

The Shangri-La nightclub was here, at least it was in 1942, see http://fultonhistory.com/Newspapers%2023/Philadelphia%20PA%20Inquirer/Philadelphia%20PA%20Inquirer%201942/Philadelphia%20PA%20Inquirer%201942%20a%20-%205421.pdf (ad and mention in article). Acts such as Barney Rapp and His New Englanders Orchestra performed here. There is a mention on the Web of it also being a Chinese restaurant. If you have more information, please comment below.


Location: Shangri-La (former site) , 1526 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102, United States
Listing Category: Bars and Taverns, Night Clubs, Entertainment, No Longer There
Virtual / Real: Virtual
Created Date: 06-24-2018

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