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Swan Records was here.


Swan Records was here.

[n]orthwest corner of 17th and Jackson streets. South Philadelphia record company, which shared its building with a jeweler, released the original 'She Loves You' single by the Beatles as well as discs by Freddy 'Boom Boom' Cannon and Danny and the Juniors. Dick Clark owned a third of the label but sold his holdings in 1960 around the time of the payola scandal. Now an office building and an appliance store. Quote is from http://articles.philly.com/1992-09-18/news/26021555_1_sam-cooke-movie-house-streets.


Location: Modern Jewelry & Appliances , 1703 Jackson Street , Girard Estates Neighborhood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19145, United States
Listing Category: Pop Music, Rock and Roll, Rock Stars
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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