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Bob Dylan wrote Blowin' in the Wind here (it is believed).


Bob Dylan wrote Blowin' in the Wind here (it is believed).

It is believed and there is some evidence that Bob Dylan wrote the classic, Blowin' in the Wind, at this site when it was the Fat Black Pussycat Theatre. The theater's sign had remained at the back entrance, which is on Minetta Street, but was painted over by the current owner, Panchito's Mexican Restaurant, in 2011, notwithstanding an outcry by preservationists. See, for example, the New York Times on 6/7/11.


Location: Panchito's / Fat Black Pussycat Theatre , 105 MacDougal Street, New York, New York, 10012, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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Comments : There was a claim that Jacques Levy was a cowriter. See http://ipandmedialaw.fkks.com/post/102h4dr/bob-dylans-co-writers-suit-left-blowin-in-the-wind-following-dismissal?utm_source=Mondaq&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=LinkedIn-integration.
Date : 2021-08-09

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