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Best tube amp stereo repair- Delaware Valley


Best tube amp stereo repair- Delaware Valley

This place has done expert repair of my tube amp stereo equipment over the years. For ex., it got my 1959 Philco G1608S record player working, and repaired and later completely rebuilt my 1960 Harmon Kardon TA224 receiver. Matt, the owner and repair guy, also sells used tube amp-era equipment. He does a great job. Store is a little quirky: always call first regardless of hours posted on the Website, he only takes cash, and he is swamped with work so you have to be patient about when you want to get it back (but he'll tell you that it will take a while). I think Matt does a great job, at non-hipster prices.


Location: Mayfair Electronics Service , 3628 Rhawn St. , ~Rhawn St. and Frankford Ave., http://mayfairelectronicsservice.tripod.com/, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19136, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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