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Abbotts Dairy was here.


Abbotts Dairy was here.

Abbotts Alderney Dairies was here. (I see on the Web that Abbotts used Alderney in its name at one time, for the breed of dairy cattle it milked. Abbotts went out of business.) From the Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/26/19 at p. J3, The front building, constructed in 1921, was designed by William Timm, a specialist in dairy buildings. In the 1960s, its served as a Potamkin auto dealership.


Location: Carmana Designs , 1715 McKean Street , 1715-1719 McKean St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19145, United States
Listing Category: Architecture, Commercial Archeology, Factories, Mills, Industry, Repurposed Properties
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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