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Babe Ruth played for a church team here - Kensington Neighborhood, Philadelphia


Babe Ruth played for a church team here - Kensington Neighborhood, Philadelphia

There is an article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer on the closing of Ascension of Our Lord parish for economic reasons. The article talks about its history, including what happened on 9/4/23. The parish had a ballfield here that had expenses it could not afford, so the pastor, who was the Philadelphia Athletic's chaplain, asked Babe Ruth to play for the parish team against a team from the Lit Brothers department store after the Yankees played the A's that day. The Babe suited up in the rectory at Westmoreland and F Streets, and played first base here. He hit a ball about 600 feet, but it was a double under the league's rules. Lit's won 2-1. Does anyone know which corner this field was on? A Web search found an explanation for the name of the field, and it also appears that boxing was held here. [See information provided in comment below, thanks to Jeff T.]


Location: Boger Field (was here), Now Scanlon Recreation Center , 1099 East Tioga Street , - E Tioga St & I St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19134, United States
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Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : I was going through my clipping collection, and found almost the same article, except with more detail, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/1/06, at p. 1. This article says that the field is now Scanlon Playground, so I changed the location above.
Date : 2012-09-30

Name : Jeff T.
Email : Jefftitus10@yahoo.com
Comments : The Field is actually at "J" Street and Tioga Street. I Street meets Tioga but it would be slightly West of the actual field. I grew up here and went to Ascension of our lord school til 8th grade. I will put a Link of what the playground looks like now. The Right field fence, well was not a Fence at all, it was actually the side of a house, and Down the right field line was the back of the homes on Tioga Street.
Date : 2020-10-26

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