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Babe Ruth Hit A Home Run To Here, Out of Shibe Park


Babe Ruth Hit A Home Run To Here, Out of Shibe Park

Babe Ruth was asked of his best memories of Shibe Park. Shibe Park was at North 21st St. and Lehigh Ave., and was later called Connie Mack Stadium. Mr. Ruth answered, The time I hit one into Opal Street. From the Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/1/06, p. A7, quoting from Red Smith on Baseball by Red Smith: Now, a baseball hit over Shibe Park's right field fence landed in 20th Street. Opal is the next street east, just a wide alley one block long. There may not be 500 Philadelphians who know it by name, but Babe Ruth knew it.


Location: One Block from Site of Shibe Park , 2700 North Opal Street , - W Lehigh Ave & N Opal St , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19132, United States
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