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The Carpet Cult from Seinfeld was here.


The Carpet Cult from Seinfeld was here.

This six-acre site with its ten buildings is for sale, according to yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer at page B1. It's reportedly owned by a cult, the Church of Bible Understanding, which was parodied in a Seinfeld episode, as it made money through a carpet cleaning business. There is a lot about the organization on the Web. The Inquirer says the site began as a Baptist orphanage in 1885 (reciting from the real estate ad). The article also mentions that the organization owns Olde Good Things. I've seen the Olde Good Things platform truck advertising architectural salvage items riding around Times Square in New York City, and have visited its interesting Website. I never knew of the conneciton to this church until now.


Location: Church of Bible Understanding , 1300 South 58th Street , - near Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19143, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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