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Vandegrift Cemetery - Cornwells Heights


Vandegrift Cemetery - Cornwells Heights

This cemetery dates back to circa 1775. I grew up near it. It was not well cared for in the 1960s, with tombstones having fallen over and the grass was only cut a few times a summer. There were a few medallions marking Revolutionary War soldiers. We used to like to read the epitaphs on the tombstones, although they were often almost worn away. One time, we were pulling off ivy that covered a fallen tombstone, trying to read it. We eventually could make it out: Who Is This Who Wakes Me From My Sleep? We got scared and ran away.


Location: Vandegrift Cemetery , 1006 Cornwells Avenue , - Route 13 and Cornwells Avenue, Bensalem (Cornwells Heights), Pennsylvania, 19020, United States
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : In the sixties, during Memorial Day parades, a small airplane would drop little flowers over Bristol Pike in the area of Cornwells Fire Company and this cemetery. At one such event, the plane flew too low and took off the top of a tree bordering this cemetery (in the yard belonging to the first house on Sunset Lane, owned by the Gilmore family). Luckily, the plane did not crash and no one was hurt.
Date : 2013-01-14

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : From time to time neighbors of this cemetery would hear rumors that Native Americans were buried in this cemetery hundreds of years ago. I know someone who asked a member of the family that owns it about the rumor and was told there are no American Indian graves here.
Date : 2014-11-11

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