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Kennedy Barn in Easttown Twp., PA, needs to be saved.


Kennedy Barn in Easttown Twp., PA, needs to be saved.

The information herein is mainly from an article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, beginning on p. B1. The Kennedy Barn is on this 10-acre parcel. The stone barn is two centuries old. The property was once the estate of Rose Rossi, a cofounder of ANRO Inc., a printing company. A developer named Tom Bentley wants to knock it down to build an eight-house subdivision. The Easttown Township Board of Supervisors says he has a certain amount of time to try to sell it first. Preservationists say it is a historic landmark. Bentley has offered ... to demoish most of the barn, leave its ruins on the site, and erect a plaque on Waterloo Road explaining its historical significance. Lawyer Joseph Kohn, representing a local group who wants to save the barn, says a plaque may someday read, Here stood a building that was here when James Madison was president ... Notwithstanding that we are giving the barn a Cyber Plaque, it would be a shame to see it go. We're losing more and more of our heritage every day, just so someone can make a profit.


Location: Kennedy Barn , 222 South Waterloo Road, Devon, Pennsylvania, 19333, United States
Listing Category: Architecture, Buildings, Preservation / Protection Needed, Solemn Cyber Plaques
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Created Date: 06-24-2018

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