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Hall & Oates Had First Show Here


Hall & Oates Had First Show Here

Hall and Oates, then called Whole Oates, had their first public performance here on 12/5/70. It is pretty well documented on the Web. What I could not find was the exact address for Hecate's Circle, a coffee house located on premises that may have housed various coffee houses over time, including Buck Dancer's Choice and People's Choice. Anyone with better information, please comment below. I see that one of my favorite bands of the late 70s, Johnny's Dance Band, played here as well. [Ed. - address originally stated as Chelten and Germantown Aves., revised in light of comment below. Thank you. (9/25/15)] [Found the exact address, 168 E. Chelten, in a blurb about the change of Hecate's Circle to Buck Dancer's Choice, at https://www.newspapers.com/image/184956518/?terms=hecate%27s%2Bcircle%2Bchelten. (2/23/17)]


Location: Hecate's Circle , 168 E. Chelten Ave. , Germantown Neighborhood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19144, United States
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Name : BarneyStone
Email : barneystone26@gmail.com
Comments : Eric Bazillion, now of The Hooters, was the hot 16 year old lead guitarist of Evil Seed. Frank Stallone (Sylvesters brother) played under the name Valentine, which was also the name of his band that played there. Also Michael Bacon, Kevins brother. As I recall, he was part of a folk duo called Good News.
Date : 2015-09-25

Name : Ray Goodhart
Email : Reuven101@aol.com
Comments : I wrote into a blog several years ago, saying that you were one of the original owners...before Danny. No one believed me. Im glad youre still around to back me up. How are you doing, Barney? I can still see Paul, Eric, Bernie and me playing in front of the Light Brigade Light Show loops at the Barn (Barney) Art Center in Jersey or at the Factory. Im in Colorado. I still drop a note with Eric occasionally. Bernie was still playing (in SF) the last time he and I spoke. I hear Pauls offbeat humor in my head often. We were always getting in trouble. You had your hands full. What have you been up to for the past 45 years?
Date : 2016-05-15

Name : Vdelaney
Email : Vdelane1@binghamton.edu
Comments : Hi! I used to go to Hecates Circle every day it was open. I was Vicki Smith back then. My best friend was Irene Cooper. I thought it closed soon after I moved to the country in 1970. What a great place. I will never forget it. There were so many memories. So much music! Jamming outside too. Awesome!
Date : 2016-10-14

Name : plaquemaster
Email : sjkc0072@aol.com
Comments : //www.newspapers.com/image/182585680/?terms=hecate%27s%2Bcircle.
Date : 2017-02-21

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